Time is precious and time is money. We have to ensure that we are productive. Although we don’t all want to spend hours on office chores, we can’t live without office cleaning hacks! If the pandemic of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that poor hygiene can have disastrous consequences. It’s not just viruses that can spread, but some nasty bacteria too!

Crumbs! Snacks at our desks – break time biscuits perhaps – what do they leave? Yes, crumbs. Do you leave the crumbs there, or sweep them onto your hand to pop in the bin maybe? Do you always get them all, or do some land on the carpet? Try using a sticky note or tape to dab crumbs and get rid of them effectively.

Dust! At the start of each day, it’s everywhere. From light fixtures to PC screens, there are familiar places to notice the dust gathering. If you try a quick wipe with a dry cloth, it doesn’t always work. However, add a little water and wring the fabric until it’s just damp, to gather the dust. Remove dust easily EVERY time without using harsh or abrasive cleaning products to keep your surfaces looking new for longer.

Tabletop marks! Prevention is better than cure. Tea, coffee and watermarks look unsightly and can be difficult to remove. However, if you apply a little olive oil to surfaces close to your kettle, the marks will wipe away with ease. And ask your office workers to use a travel mug to make spillages a thing of the past. Spilt drinks at desks are not just a cleanliness issue; they wreck keyboards, computers and other electrical items.

Burnt bits! Do you share an office kitchen facility with colleagues? Perhaps the inside of the microwave has seen better days? When a rough sponge scrub won’t do the job, try a handy trick. Scrunch some tin foil into a ball to use as a tough stains scrubber. Make the job as easy as you can.

Daily exercise routine! Daily exercise – what’s that got to do with cleaning? As you look after your health, you might run outdoors in the middle of your working day. So, we thought you might like to know that toothpaste isn’t just for your teeth. Add a small amount of toothpaste to a cloth and rejuvenate your running trainers. Give the material a new lease of life.

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